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Disney releases 50th animated movie: Tangled 2011


Disney releases 50th animated movie: Tangled 2011

Tangled tells a fun and adventurous story about the princess Rapunzel, who is kidnapped by Mother Gothel because of her golden hair, which provides a youthful enchantment for the old woman. 

On her 18th birthday Rapunzel's escapes with the handsome, petty-thief Flynn to watch the magical lanterns that fill the sky.  Their adventures include having to charm a raucous crowd of loveable thugs and bringing on side the labrador-esque Horse Maximus.

This is Disney's 50th animated movie and the first Disney Princess movie to be presented in CG animation which is excellent.  The film is good fun with an adverturous tension that keeps a good pace. There's a strong emphasis on both the hero and the heroine, providing an equal adventure for both boys and girls, and a strong sense of humor makes the film enjoyable for parents.


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