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Super Nature


Super Nature

It is widely known there are some impressive animals in the world; however, not everyone knows what kind of animal can explode at will, walk on water, is a body repair specialist, or can survive in space (without the aid of a space suit).

Super Nature takes the most fascinating animals and lets you explore them in remarkable visual detail to find these answers and many more to questions you never thought existed.

Super Nature spotlights the wow factor in the natural world, delving behind the scenes and under the skin of animals to uncover the secrets of their behaviour and anatomy. Every animal is visually striped back to show each layer of their incredible physiological features, including detailed 3D cross sections, dashboard fact files and spectacular photography.

A remarkable array of species is explored, using the latest scientific research, from a giant baleen whale to a tiny barnacle. Explaining phenomenon such as why a pistol shrimp is the loudest animal in the ocean and how a cheetah can accelerate from 0-65 kph in just three seconds.

Super Nature is the ultimate visual safari for any child with a thirst for breathtaking knowledge about a world that is simply more incredible than fiction.

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