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Homework Wars


Homework Wars

Parents will be familiar with a range of techniques to help primary school children with their homework; supportive and encouraging words followed by bribes, threats and sanctions. But a number of parents think that education is soley the school's responsibility, whereas there are parents who can't help but to take over in order to guarantee a good mark.  Why is homework such a battle?

Sending your children to school with their homework done may seem like an impossible mission at times. From extracting a confession of what they've been assigned, to sitting them down to actually complete it; every family has a different dynamic.

If you feel like no matter what approach you pursue quarrelling and bickering are always in sight, you’re not alone. According to a survey conducted by Atomik Research, out of one thousand parents across the UK, one third admitted that helping their children with homework has led to arguments in the family.

More often than not, homework is not every child's favourite activity, getting them to concentrate on their tasks can be troublesome due to the many distractions around them. Playing video games, texting and watching television are far more exciting than reading, researching and studying. 

Homework has also become a daunting task for most parents. Carey Ann Dodah, Head of Curriculum Development at Explore Learning, explains that 'learning styles have changed over the years'; parents who are unfamiliar with new techniques can tend to avoid getting involded because they lack the confidence. As well, most parents can't recall the last time they solved an equation or calculated the area of a triangle, the frustration of feeling unequipped can contribute directly to arguments.

Regardless of why homework time is causing so many arguments, getting frustrated or avoiding to help altogether are not efficient solutions. Many parents, who feel confused by new teaching styles and the curriculum levels that their children should be expected to achieve, opt for tuition as an option to resolve conflicts at home.

Whether on a permanent or temporary basis, introducing children to an environment that focuses solely on completing their homework can prove to be an easier method to get them to accomplish their tasks. Explore Learning believes that building children’s confidence will improve their academic performance. 

Explore Learning has over 15 centres open in London alone, and 60 across the UK. It provides maths and English tuition for 5-14 year olds and all of their courses are aligned with the National Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence. To get in touch or find out more check their website here.

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