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Making the most of the early years


Making the most of the early years

A new book takes a closer look at Montessori traditions that can work effectively at home

Montessori Education If you have managed to steer clear of the majority of baby paraphernalia, chances are you have still been tempted to buy the odd book. Familiar with any of these titles?  Gina Ford’s Contented Little Baby Book, Steve Biddolph’s Raising Happy Children, Tracy Hogg’s Secrets of the Baby Whisperer. They all promise to make raising a family a delightful experience, as long as you stick to certain rules, but in reality, parents aren’t always persuaded by the prescriptive nature of the advice.

This new book is published by the charity, Montessori Centre International, and outlines how to bring the principles of Montessori early years education to your own home. The idea behind the book was to raise awareness of the Montessori philosophy beyond the professional and nursery community, which has long practised the charity’s theme of observing rather than instructing. Author, Kathi Hughes, a mother of three and trained Montessori teacher says, “Take a step back and just watch what they’re doing. Maybe they discovered their feet today.” She says there are sensitive periods when children are open to learning something new. “It’s all about unlocking your child’s potential when they’re ready, rather than when the parent wants it to happen”.

There’s no doubt parenting is hard work and rewarding, but it’s also a full time job. So it’s reassuring that the book covers the earliest days of a baby’s life through to seven years, with lots of ideas for activities at home and for getting out and about. Not one of these activities requires spending money on lots of florescent plastic or any other educational aids - and it’s this gentle Montessori approach, one of slow parenting, that makes the book such a charming read.

It’s a great book with practical steps of how to enjoy that elusive quality time.

Learning together: What Montessori can offer your family was published on March 24. Available from www.montessori.org.uk/bookstore  £6.99.

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