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Nimble Minds


Nimble Minds

Classes to help children to think about and solve problems in a logical way. We spoke to Helene Jones about what she offers at Nimble Minds.

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Helene Jones is an experienced teacher of 30 years, working within both state schools and the private sector. Alongside her class teaching, Helene has worked as a SENCO, managing and leading learning support departments. This included provision for exceptionally able children as well as those exhibiting a learning difficulty. She taught reasoning and helped to design the curriculum enabling many children to succeed in 7+, 8+, 11+ and Common Entrance Pre-tests for the leading schools in the UK.

Helene currently works as a specialist teacher assessor under the British Psychological Society, and also works part time in the Learning Support Department at Eaton House Belgravia. Her most recent initiative is in reasoning assessments. Nimble Minds is a natural progression from Helene’s extensive teaching background.

Why all the fuss about reasoning?

As parents and teachers, we want children to be happy but also academically successful. We need young people to be able to process the ever increasing bombardment of information. 

An effective way to measure potential, reasoning, or cognitive ability testing, makes up a very significant proportion of in-school assessment and school transfer examinations.

What exactly is reasoning?

Reasoning is thinking, learning and solving problems in a logical way. Verbal reasoning uses language, non-verbal reasoning requires a child to work successfully with shapes, patterns, sequences and information presented without language; quantitative reasoning involves mathematics. 

What are ‘thinking skills’?

These are skills which are targeted by Nimble Minds. The idea is to have fun with them while mindful of the benefits of improving:

  • The ability to understand and follow instructions, both written and spoken.
  • Memory - auditory, or visual.
  • Processing speed - the skill of solving problems quickly. 
  • Time management  - the skill of keeping a cool head under timed conditions.
  • Concentration.

The Nimble Minds Approach

We all agree that adults of tomorrow need to be increasingly adaptable in their thinking. Helene devised Nimble Minds to combine the teaching and practice of reasoning concepts using games devised to boost thinking skills and collaborative problem solving. 

How best can I help my child at home?

A reasoning assessment is the best starting point providing an objective and professional snapshot of an individual’s reasoning ability. Assessments are followed by a consultation session with parents, providing them with a bespoke list of the best books, exam practice materials and games to ensure that learning and practising reasoning at home is enjoyable and effective.

To find out more about what Nimble Minds has to offer please get in touch with Helene via helene@assessment-tuition.co.uk or visit www.assessment-tuition.co.uk/nimble-minds.


Nimble Minds

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