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Therapy 4 Kids


Therapy 4 Kids

Kerry Barrow is an experienced physiotherapist who has worked in the NHS, the private sector and at The Bobath Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy.  She established Therapy4kids in south west London, in January 2007.

Who are we?

We are a private physiotherapy practice… just for kids! There are four specialist therapists in our team. 

Why do children come to see us?

Parents bring their children to see us for a wide range of concerns. They may be worried about their baby who was born prematurely or who had a traumatic start; they may have concerns about their little one’s posture or joints; their children may have difficulties with achieving their developmental milestones, or with co-ordination, balance, handwriting or concentration; or their child has special needs (cerebral palsy, a genetic diagnosis or syndrome, or is on the autistic spectrum).

What am I most proud of?

I always dreamed of creating a place for parents and children to come to that was welcoming, gentle, friendly and supportive –  that the children loved coming to and where the parents would know without doubt that they were getting the best specialist therapy for their little ones.

What are the benefits of seeing a therapist in the private sector?

Certainly at our practice parents get to see a specialist in the field and get quality care with the most effective approach, as well as personal support and a welcoming, caring and gentle environment. Also appointments can be scheduled at convenient times, and the frequency of sessions is tailored to the child’s needs and family’s circumstances. 


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