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Prepare for a healthy New Year


Prepare for a healthy New Year

For many people, the approach of a new year often means a renewed focus on how to make things healthier for their families. Eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and practicing other healthy habits are an important part of keeping your family healthy and happy in the coming year.  We asked Nelson's, the masters or natural therapies, for their tips and recommendations.

Have you ever wished you had the power to keep a cool head, rather than being a stress head? Staying calm can be good for both your emotional and physical wellbeing, so this year why not make it your New Year’s Resolution to "keep calm and carry on". Follow our simple steps to stay on the calm road, rather than veering off to the stressed out highway.


Take time out to relax after a busy day in the office, whether it’s meditating, yoga, reading a good book or watching your favourite programme on TV, it will help you to unwind and prepare you for a good night’s sleep. Why not try having a relaxing bath with Nelsons® Arnicare bath & massage balm, a unique dual purpose balm containing the invaluable natural properties of Arnica montana. Add two caps of the balm to create a luxurious bath to soothe and relax or massage the balm directly into the skin to massage away aches.

Get plenty of Zzzzzz’s

A good night's sleep is one of life's pleasures, and unfortunately a luxury that too few people enjoy on a regular basis. Not getting enough sleep can make you feel very irritable, reducing your ability to stay calm. If you have trouble sleeping because your mind won’t switch off, then try Rescue® Night, to help with a natural night’s sleep. It is a combination of Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum flower essences (Rescue®), with the additional Bach Original Flower Essence White Chestnut.

Stay calm through irritations

If you are feeling constantly irritated and need a helping hand to keep a cool head then try BachTM Original Flower Remedy Impatiens*. This natural flower remedy can help to balance our emotions by allowing us to be sympathetic to those that are slow and allow us to show more patience. Leaving us to cope calmly and diplomatically with everyday irritations.
*Always read the label.

Calm You, Calm Skin

Feeling stressed can sometimes make your skin stressed too resulting in a blemishes break out.  So if a blemish does rear its ugly head then keep calm and try Nelsons® Pure & Clear™ Blemish Gel to target specific areas.  The Nelsons Pure & Clear anti-blemish skincare range uses a combination of natural plant extracts. The combination of these plant extracts – Calendula, Arnica and Hypericum - with Tea Tree Oil, creates the ideal skincare system.


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