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8 of the 'Best' sledges


8 of the 'Best' sledges

Everyone remembers that exhilarating feeling of speeding down a snow-covered hillside on your best sled. ‘Best’ was often debatable; that sled may have been a dustbin lid, a wooden creation cobbled together from old pieces of crate, or even a heavy duty bin liner – but it did the job.

Today there are many sledges available, suitable from young babies to tearaway teens. Whether you prefer traditional wood, heavy duty plastic or adventurous air-pumped vinyl, we have the pick of the bunch here for you to cast your eye over. Tempted to grab one and show your child how it’s done?

Cotswold Outdoor EDA Super Tramp Direct

Micro Sledge
£5, 3+

You’ve probably seen people wielding these dustpan-shaped plastic sledges over the last few years. Small but sturdy, they are suitable for all ages – but be warned, they can move faster than you’d think. (Helmet wear is recommended).

Baby Luge by EDA
£29.99, 6mths - 2+ yrs

This is a perfect first sledge for your baby, designed with safety and comfort in mind. Its high back rubber seat is fitted with a three point safety harness and non slip foot rests, and it also comes with a pull cord for you to easily transport your child through their first snow!

Snow Baby Dream
£129.99, 12mths+

Here’s a sledge worth hanging onto! This 3-in-1 combination sledge (Snow Rocket, All Round Seat and Foldable Push Handle) will grow with your baby, allowing detachable pieces to be removed as they get older. Comes with safety straps and pull cord.

Toys R us Cotswold Outdoor The Present Finder

Snow Cruiser Sledge
£64.99, 3+

This is a robust and durable plastic sledge, with steel runners on the underside for a little extra speed. Little ones can place their feet securely in the plastic gaps on each side, and can also pull each other along with the pull cord.

TSL Weez 2 Sledge
£25, 3+

This lovely two person sledge can carry up to 80kg, and has two integrated hand brakes in case your children get nervous at going too fast. A retractable handle with pulling string is attached to the front of the sledge.

Davos Folding Wooden Sledge

Made from solid beech wood and with powder coated metal runners, this classic wooden sledge is a beautiful investment and will also run very fast on snow. It also has a hidden talent, as it can be collapsed and folded flat for easy storage.


Penguin Snow Boogie

£11.95, 3+

This 44" inflatable snow sledge with side handles will provide hours of fun as it glides across a snowy slope.  Mind there aren't any sharp stones to deflate its enthusiasm.



Inflatable Air Tube Snow Glider
£19.99, 3+

Once inflated, this snow glider whizzes wonderfully down any snow covered hill. The colourful design means your child will be easy to spot as they grab on tight to the two sturdy handles and spin around in the snow.



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