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3 House Private Family Club


3 House Private Family Club

3 House private family club offers a bright, welcoming space for both mum and baby to relax and get out of the house.

The club features a crèche, cafe, and a room for group classes. Classes are available for both children and adults with a multitude of activities. 

Children’s classes include art instruction, circus adventure, and music power. Class content is aimed at specific age ranges, with some classes being taught back-to-back for 0-3 year and then 3-5 year sets. They are instructed by outstanding artists, musicians, and performers, who are currently active in their respective fields. Classes are available Monday-Friday, with concerts, presentations, and family workshops available on Saturdays.

If mum wants to unwind at 3 House, she can look forward to activities such as Dynamic Yoga, Pilates, and manicure/pedicure appointments, all while her children are cared for in the 3 House crèche. There is a parent’s quiet space and a mum’s discussion group to aid in relaxation and intellectual stimulation.

The cafe on-site offers coffees, juices, and snacks, and other items, both health-minded and indulgent. The cafe uses a specific process for pressing juices and making organic baby puree that preserves the integrity of the vitamins, maximizing nutrition content. Next to the cafe area, there are hard and soft toys to keep children entertained when not participating in classes.

The services and facilities at 3 House are available to the entire family for a £120 annual membership, with a 10 class pass available for an additional £120. The pass can be used by both parents and children to attend classes, adding to the flexibility of the programmes. The crèche is available at £6 an hour for one child or £10 for two siblings.

3 House can be found at www.3houseclub.com 3 house is located on Bridgeman Street, London NW8 7AL, near St John’s Wood tube station.

3 Houe Club

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