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Music House for Children


Music House for Children

First it was the guitar, then the saxophone - now your little angel is asking to try the drums! Your thoughts turn to “headphones”, or “no space” and perhaps “let’s see”, as you wonder about commitment and perseverance with yet another new musical instrument.

Music House for ChildrenBut says Emma Hutchinson, founder of the Music House for Children, the exploration of different instruments is one of the most natural things for children to do - and an important part of their musical journey.

“You wouldn’t just want your child to only play football and not try hockey. Sometimes children get stuck with an instrument, or perhaps their parent has an instrument in mind – but it doesn’t fit with the personality of the child. I encourage parents to take up an instrument with their children. It’s a great motivator for parent and child to practise together – and can produce some quality moments. It’s never to late to enjoy learning an instrument.”

All of Emma’s instrumental teachers have undergone a rigorous Music House for Children assessment and training. “Our teachers are performing musicians in their own right and are particularly good at passing on that enthusiasm to children.”  Feedback from parents and tutors has always been positive and is a rewarding appraisal of Emma’s skill in matching tutor and student.

In addition to music exams, which children seem to take in their stride, Emma also organises an annual concert where all children perform in front of friends and family. Children who like to do things with friends can join up for group lessons. “Groups work well when you are trying to spread the cost and children are often more motivated to practise with friends.”

Emma’s passion for music in every child’s life spans Central London. She has developed pre-school learning resources and training, has been instrumental in setting up the tri-borough music service (where every primary school child gets to play an instrument) and organises holiday performance workshops at the Music House for Children in Chiswick. “Music is fundamental to every child’s development - the benefits are immeasurable.”

Visit www.musichouseforchildren.co.uk or ring 020 8932 2652 to find out more about instrumental tuition.

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