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Lets Get Baking!


Lets Get Baking!

With the rise in popularity in baking at cooking classes, we discover Kids en Cuisine, who offer the fun of a baking and cookers class, whilst educating little ones in the importance of nutrition.

Kids en cuisine was founded by Florence Rebattet, a young French mother passionate in healthy and tasty food and children. After working as a Human Resource Manage for several years, and in several countries, she decided to quit 'the office life' to devote herself to her passions and created Kids en Cuisine. Florence believes in the importance of learning the benefits of a healthy balanced diet from a very early age. , which is why the they offer cooking classes focused on fruits, vegetables and naturals ingredients, with cooking sessions adapted for children with allergies and/or religious requirements, to make everybody happy.

Kids en Cuisine know that kids love baking and therefore help them to cook cakes while introducing spices, fruits or vegetables to help them discover new flavours. The classes will allow your children to use various cooking items (such as whisks, scales, blenders etc), and help them to develop their fine motor skills, senses, and expand their vocabulary. The gastronome will try new flavours, textures, foods that they may have not tried before, recognise different measurements used in the kitchen, follow instructions in a recipe to ensure to make it successful and of course learn through having fun - as it is often a factor in success!

Classes for the small chefs (2-5 years old) are also offered. The recipe is explained step by step, by talking slowly, repeating the instructions multiple times and physically showing them how to put the recipies together. Before long your little ones will be equipped to prepare their own dishes with friends.

Activities take place at home for a fun playdate or during a cooking birthday party for an immersion in the benefits of a healthy and balanced nutrition. Kids en Cuisine provide absolutely everything for the cooking classes - ingredients, food processors, utensils, goodies bags and most importantly FUN! Also just to top of the cheffing experience, kids get to play 'dress up' Chef by dressing with an apron and a Chef hat and cooking a real dish by themselves.

Kids en Cuisine offers various workshops suitable for different ages and some of them for a cooking birthday party, and fun and healthy lunch bags are also available for children's birthday parties. They also work with some schools and nurseries throughout London.

For more information or to book a culinary experience visit www.kidsencuisine.com or email info@kidsencuisine.com.

For Halloween, Kids en cuisine offers healthy cooking classes at Whole Food Market Kensington, at Grosveno Hall, SW1, at Little House Nursery, SW1 as well as in your own kitchen as part of a Kids en Cuisine class.


Kids en Cuisine

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