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Cupcake Family Club


Cupcake Family Club

We live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Fairy tale parks, river walks, historic buildings, art galleries, amazing museums, endless shopping, incredible restaurants and cafes, you name it London has it in spades, and yet having a family in London can at times feel a little isolating and challenging.

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That’s why the founders of Cupcake Family Club decided to create a unique space in the heart of London where expectant and new mums could meet up, relax, exercise and enjoy one of the most amazing stages of their life. Since 2008, Cupcake has been a second home for over 5,000 families in London, offering baby and toddler classes, crèche, soft play, and parties for children. For parents, they offer over 100 fitness classes per week and a strong community of like-minded people.

The team at Cupcake believe that no baby is too young to learn. That’s why, behind the curtain of every fun class there’s a full child development curriculum put together by a team of child development experts. Cupcake offers a range of signature classes designed to tickle senses, boost brain development, support social life and embrace a new world of movement and emotions. 

Seeing how well classes for up to 3 year olds were developing their children, the team were inspired to create an after school and weekend extra curricular programme called Cupcake ‘Academy’. The Academy is filled with advanced, pre-primary classes for children aged 3-5 years old and include sport, dance, musical theatre, art, languages and cooking.  When school or nursery closes for holidays, do not fear as Cupcake holiday clubs are here. You see, there’s always an excuse to visit Cupcake, even if you’re not a member.


The team at Cupcake believe that no baby is too young to learn.


What’s the secret behind the team at Cupcake? They believe in magic, the same magic that happens to all of us from our earliest days to those special moments throughout life. They have a unique ability to see life through the eyes of a child and are always ready to embark on a magical journey. They’re a team of experts who provide the greatest variety of children’s classes in London.

The list of child development goodness that your little ones receive from their classes is endless and adult support during this time is essential. That’s why they encourage families and nannies to invest a minimum of 30 minutes a day to engage, bond and simply enjoy the wonders of childhood.

Cupcake offers the freedom of a lifestyle where parents and nannies can join in the fun or have some well deserved ‘me time’. They offer crèche facilities and drop off classes too as well as chill out areas around the club.

Members have access to the whole club including Cupcake’s sister brand Slice Urban Fitness. With over 100 fitness classes a week, the doors open at dawn with the first classes beginning before breakfast and don’t close until well after dusk so that members can exercise after work as well. Cupcake and Slice work together to create one of the most unique and desirable clubs in London.

Year after year, Cupcake continues to receive beautiful feedback from both past and present members explaining how the club became a second home and the team an extension of their family.  The team at Cupcake believe in family and that life is to be celebrated! They love delivering their magic at every opportunity. If you’re looking for a magical birthday party or venue hire, they do that too. If you live in London, we suggest you visit - the doors are always open.

For more information visit www.cupcakefamilyclub.com

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