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Day Nurseries in Islington, N1

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Looking for childcare in Islington, London, N1? We list top places for childcare in N1 including childcare nursery places, preschool nursery, day nurseries and nursery schools in Islington. And for this area it's never too late to register for nursery schools in N1 as the most popular get booked up early. There are 15 childcare nurseries in Islington, N1 with pre-schools and playgroups offering childcare from 2-5yrs during term time; day nursery childcare from 8am-6pm for children aged 6weeks-5yrs all year round, as well as primary school nurseries from 3-5yrs.

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The Children's House

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The Children's House

77 Elmore Street, Islington

Floral Place Nursery

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Floral Place Nursery

2 Floral Place, London

Beckett House Montessori Nursery School

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Beckett House Montessori Nursery School

98 Richmond Avenue, Islington


Little Angels Schoolhouse, 3 Bletchley Street, Hackney

Comet Nursery School, 20 Halcomb Street, London

Canonbury Nursery, Canonbury Road, Islington

Rosemary Works Early Years Centre, Unit 2a Rosemary Works, London

Mars Montessori Bilingual Nursery, 4 Collins Yard, London

Bentham Under 5's Centre, 135 Bentham Court, Islington

Kate Greenaway Nursery School, York Way Court, Islington

The Grove Nursery, Shepperton House, Islington

Mildmay Community Nursery, 19-23 Mildmay Park, London

Minik Kardes Day Nursery, 53/55 Balls Pond Road, London

New River Green Childrens Centre, 23 Ramsey Walk, London

St Mary's Neighbourhood Centre, Upper Street, Islington