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Baby Clothing

Bambino Merino

Bambino Merino

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Bambino Merino proudly helps thousands of babies, children (and their parents) in the UK and around the world to sleep safely through the night. Bambino Merino sleeping bags, baby clothing and swaddling wraps are made from lightweight, silky soft merino.

Unlike synthetics, merino fibres breathe and in turn allow baby’s skin to breathe. Merino regulates body temperature naturally, keeping baby comfortable, safe and warm, but never too hot, in all seasons. Reassuring for parents as it eliminates the constant worry over whether baby is too hot or cold and prevents overheating - an important risk factor associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. After all, more sleep and less worry are two valuable achievements for any parent.

By popular demand, larger sleeping bags for 2-4 year olds, swaddle wraps for newborns and a growing clothing range are now also available. The entire range is perfectly suited for wearing next to delicate skin and suitable for most eczema and allergy sufferers.

Order online at www.bambinomerino.com or call 020 8785 7576.

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