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Natural Baby Products



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Ethical BabeEthicalbabe is a company set up by two regular Mums who wanted to bring together an array of beautiful, natural, ethical and fairly traded products from within the UK and around the world.  To help new and existing Mums (et al) enter the world of Organics, for themselves their babies and their homes. To provide a helpful, informative and educational site for all to use.

A blog with advice and experts to answer questions relating to pregnancy, birth, motherhood with a definite swing towards the natural options available.  From putting together your hospital bag, setting up a fabulous natural nursery, delivering a healthy baby, seeing you through those first few weeks of turmoil, caring for yourself, kitting your little one out in the cutest Organic gear and providing a safe and natural environment to bring your baby into whilst feeling confident that you are doing your bit for the planet.
All our products will be one or more of the following

Natural     Ethical     Organic     Fair Trade     Made in UK     Toxin free

Ours has been a real journey of discovery and love. We set out on a mission to find out as much as possible about our products and visit trade fairs to source new and beautiful products to share with our customers. Something we will continue to do across all of our ranges. We continue to source new and useful information and experts in a variety of fields to offer continued help and advise as well as hundreds of gorgeous products.

If something takes you’re fancy, (and we know it will) enter code: BBDW11 at checkout to get a 10% discount
For further information you can call us on 020 8579 1118