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New Books Published: January 2013


New Books Published: January 2013

Churchill's Tale of Tails is a humorous tale that explores wonderful values of friendship and kindness. Wonder is a beautifully narrated story that introduces an extraordinary boy and his first days in a school world.


Churchill's Tale of Tails
by Anca Sandu

Published by Jonathan Cape
ISBN 978-1780080093


This is a funny and touching tale about friendship which also explores generosity and kindness and reminds children of the value of both friendship and being nice to one another.

Churchill is a very happy pig with a fabulous tail, of which is he enormously proud, so he is devastated when one day it goes missing. His friends rally round to help him find a new tale and Churchill enjoys discovering these alternative tails so much that he neglects his friends - until his real tale is returned.

There is loads of humour in this picture book, especially Churchill's ever-changing expressions and the variety of tails he tries.






By RJ Palacio

Published by Corgi Children's
ISBN  9780552565974


The bestselling novel Wonder is now available in paperback, and there is the potential for the book to be made into a film.

The narrator, Auggie, wants to be like any other ordinary ten year old boy but this will never be because he has a severe facial disfigurement that makes other children scream and run away from him.

Until now, Auggie has been home-schooled by his parents his whole life but now he is going to be sent to a real school for the first time. He is dreading it and has no idea how to convince his schoolmates that he is, like them, just an ordinary boy.

This is a frank, funny and incredibly moving story that will be enjoyed by those aged from nine to ninety.

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